5 Years of Life as a Conversation


I am always surprised when I run into other people in my generation that express a fear towards social media. Some see it as an invasion of their privacy, while others call themselves recovering addicts. I’ve heard these and many other reasons as to why they do not use certain tools like Facebook or any other similar technology and services. I don’t understand that mentality. When used as the tools were intended, they only help to facilitate communication in our lives, much like the telephone, radio, and television have done for us. Except, it now gives everyone a personal form of broadcasting our lives to our selected audience.

I am very grateful for the blessing of social media in my life. It documents my life in such a way that cannot be matched by any other current methods. It is close to my fifth anniversary of my relationship with Facebook. I remember the day my university was allowed to enter the network, it was a really big deal to us. The network started as exclusive to universities, and each campus network was added one at a time. St Mary’s was a small school, so we had to wait a while for our network to be added. We had often been jealous of our friends in larger schools that had been using the social network for the past year it was up.

Some might think it strange, but I refer to it as a relationship because of its strong and personal presence in my life. It was there when I met new people and made new friends. It shared my experiences from my different locations and travels. It was there in breakups, new relationships statuses, and even the wedding. Most importantly, Facebook helped me share to my family and friends while they shared with me. Friends’ perspectives are included with everything we do, working as a constant reminder that this life is not all about us.

My favorite updates on Facebook.

Social networks remind me of an imperfect example of the communion of saints. We are all in this life together, and with Facebook, we can share the important and the mundane together. Different people can communicate and reach each other whenever and wherever we are at. While it works great to organize the the people I know, it also has given everyone in the network a more tangible relationship with me. Many couples and friends always complain first of missing the small talk when separate, but social media can really fill the gaps through the distance.

Social media makes life a constant, flowing conversation.

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