Hablo Español, but I also speak English

Hablo Español, but I also speak English

Like many Hispanics and Latinos, I have a very mixed linage from the past centuries. It’s led to an interesting blend of  physical features.  Although, there have been many situations where it has come in handy. Depending on what country I was in or which language I was speaking, strangers would feel like they could relate with me. This is great thing when you are somewhere foreign. On the other side, when I lived in Denver, I had never been asked so many times in my life whether or not I speak English. While yes, some assumed I was a Spanish speaker, some were unsure. I found this almost as offensive as I found it entertaining.

I tweeted this a while back, and I believe more than ever that it is true.

It is possible to be compassionate, but it is hard to relate if it was never a personal experience. The problem with the situation in Arizona is that it reduces the dignity of particular groups of people. Many people are often offended by far less, but when those making the decisions have not experienced it themselves, it is legalized and then labeled a security measure.

There is a lot of current discussions  on immigration and the place of Latinos in the United Sates. The obvious is that the system is broken, but like most of us, I don’t know what would be the best solution. I’m not really here to propose any solutions. I am here to remind those I can that we are not only dealing with an issue but we are dealing with real people that always deserve respect and dignity. All dialogue should never be removed of this.

I pray for our country and its leaders.

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