Truly Pro-Life Part I

The facts and figures of abortion are very sad. It is a horrible crime against innocent children in the womb, but I believe we need to go beyond it to fight the problem. Truly being pro-life means much more than being anti-abortion.

It begins with our understanding of the dignity of each person and with the importance of love. People seem so surprised that children result from sex and relationships, as if something went wrong. It is more than just acts for pleasure, but an act that requires a complete giving of self and welcoming God.

From Conception

The biggest challenge to being pro-life comes in our society’s perspective of contraception. A few weeks ago, people were celebrating the 50 years of the pill, as if it were man’s greatest cure, but fertility is not an illness. Many people that claim to be pro-life will use some form of artificial birth control. While many of the statistical numbers are skewed by perspective from pro-choice groups, this is still a sad reality. When people began to believe that there were no consequences to their actions, they acted as if there were none. When contraception fails, the couple’s openness to life is often still missing. This lack of openness to life will continue to lead to more demand for abortions.

Both men and women must understand our collective role in fertility. Each role is necessary and plays an important role physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Even in marriage, the current popular mentality denies the God given roles to each person. In a later post, I will write more about how natural family planning is not only effective, but serves a better role in helping reconcile these problems.

Protect the gift of our planet

We must do all that we can to protect and preserve the environment. This is an interesting point because there are often many environmental efforts that promote all types of birth control to prevent over population. What good is saving the world if we are only going to kill its people? Our irresponsibility and selfishness will have consequences for generations to come. There are many that even claim that environmental mentalities are driven by political motives. While there may be certain groups that hide political motives in the issues, we cannot deny the consequences of our glutenous American lifestyles. It is not living in good stewardship of our planet that God entrusted to us. Visit this site for more info.

Support Adoption

If we are going to ask mothers with unwanted pregnancies to not have an abortion, we must find alternatives for them. One of the more common alternatives is adoption. Preventing abortions is not only about preventing death, it is about restoring dignity and respect for each individual life. We need to foster loving environments for these children and provide homes and communities that will show them God’s love and care. This is a tough subject because it forces Christians to consider living less luxurious or even comfortable lives. We have to determine how much we can extend ourselves and trust in God to provide what we need to take in these children. For some families, being a foster parent is better suited, but it is a large task in itself. Children need a family home to grow.

Love of Life

Let us pray that we live in a way that encourages an environment and society that loves and respect each individual soul.

Mother Mary, pray for us.

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