Site Redesign

This week I launched the latest version of and this blog.

New Features

  • Cross browser compatibility and flash is no longer necessary
  • 1 main page presenting all valuable information
  • Expanded services
  • Featured projects recently completed
  • Prominent location for social media profiles
  • Live content feed from facebook page and twitter
  • Widget to help visitors call me from my site
  • Mobile version of blog and galleries

Until now, my new blog was not publicly linked or posted anywhere. I’m very excited that it can now be more easily accessed. Originally, I was very hesitant to link my profiles and blog to my website, but then I realized that it’s not worth trying to hide on the internet anyways. I am who I am. My main employer and clients understand that my personal views do no interfere with my professionalism. I am excited for this next step as a creative that can fully embrace who I am.

Check it out, tell people you know and leave me feedback. I’ld love to hear what you think of the redesign and the new direction.

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