On select days, I’ve been trying this application that tracks all of my mouse movements and clicks. This is from the mac laptop I use at my main job. The main monitor is a 27″ widescreen and my 17″ Macbook Pro to the right of it. Tracking all of this data does not really provide any value or insight that is really important to me, but it is amazing that working on other projects creates a work of art on its own.

When I design information graphics, I spend a lot of time analyzing the data that needs to be communicated. The data collected here is only visual and can be analyzed while collected. It also just looks neat.

This image is from only 1 8 hour day designing and doing my regular work. My main applications are Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Acrobat, Firefox, TweetDeck and Entourage. I will post a gallery of the best ones soon.

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