I have spent a large portion of my life using social media. Around 12 years ago, I started using AOL instant messenger, and then I later started my first blog on Xanga in 2002. That my was my social media beginnings.

Most of my daily  life is now facilitated by some form of social media. Once I’m ready in the morning, I check my twitter feed. My personal list helps me make sure that I don’t loose any of my friends and loved ones tweets among the hundreds of updates. TweetDeck on my desktop helps me to see updates from Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace (even if I don’t really use it anymore).

Currently this is what I use.

  • Facebook  – shares all that I want so share with my family and friends.
  • Twitter –  shares thoughts and updates and some go on to update my facebook status and Tumblr
  • TwitPic  – This shares photos to my twitter account.
  • Tumblr – I micro blog thoughts too big for twitter but too short for a blog entry.
  • Stumble Upon – keeps track of the links I like and don’t like. I go through hundreds of pages a week
  • EverNote – keeps track of everything else that I want to remember on my phone or computers
  • Pandora – customizes my music listening based on what I like and what friends suggest
  • Hollrr – shares the products and or businesses that I support to twitter and facebook
  • Gowalla and Foursquare – updates my location, I can leave tips for other people,  and I know when friends are nearby
  • Vimeo and YouTube – keep track of my favorite videos and channels

I am very grateful for all of these services. They make up the majority of my internet usage and also facilitate in staying connected while sharing my life with those I care about. It will be interesting to see which ones I stop using as others expand or are created to make it more efficient and secure.

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