It’s All About Location


Working so much for the web, it’s really important for me to stay informed and understand the latest technologies and services. Geo-Aware services like Gowalla and Foursquare are the newest trends in social media. Social media has historically grown faster than any other media before it. I believe that it is our human nature that seeks communion, but I will write more about that later in a future entry.

Location based services are following this same trend of rapid growth. What is different about these services is that they have a more limited audience because it only works on devices that have GPS services on them. Still, it’s growing. Now what we are looking into is how to get people used to using it and still use it to generate brand trust and profit. I think small business especially has the great potential to use it for growth and customer loyalty. Now the challenge is how we can educate them about the opportunities. Stay tuned.

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