Eve of SXSW Interactive

Eve of SXSW Interactive

SXSW Interactive

I’m super excited. I just got an email from SXSW letting me know that I could go pick up my badge this afternoon. I taken the time to try and plan my first SXSW experience as carefully as possible. I will be attending not only to personally experience, learn, and develop my skills and networks, but I will also be working. We will be covering different angles of our experiences at the festival through video, photos, and writing about the experience for our websites. This will definitely be my first time sharing and writing for such an audience, but I’ll gladly take the opportunity.

You can check out my full schedule here. I am not finished, and will be editing it as I go. There are many times that I have purposely overbooked myself for times. There’s a lot of panels and events to check out, but I’m not experienced enough to navigate the different venues quickly enough. So we’ll see what I’ll make.

I will have never tried so many new things in a short amount of time. Good times.

I will be tweeting throughout the next few days of the festival, and I will also be trying out Gowalla and Foursquare.

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