Reflection of Spiritual Brotherhood and Joy


One of my closest friends got married recently and it was such a great experience that did a lot for me. I wrote about how it inspired me over at Austin CNM.

Men need the encouragement of other men. This is something I talk about often, but it can be misunderstood by the cultural norms of our society. Masculine encouragement isn’t just a handshake and a brief comment or watching sports together. Spiritual brotherhood is about walking the journey together and offering the needed support and prayer.

Being around so many great men that were was trying their best to live faithful lives in their own unique ways was inspiring. It was a blessing to have a group of men together that could laugh, drink (responsibility), pray, celebrate, share our faith journey, and keep each other spiritually accountable. While the celebrating was fun, it was our joint prayer that had the largest effect on me. It was one of the strongest prayers I had felt in a long time.

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